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Bad Bunnies Briefer Issue # 1

Without further delay.. our Bad Bunnies Match Fixing (trait evolution) preview!

Match Fixing Preview!
Match Fixing Preview!
Bad Bunnies Match Fixing (trait evolution)
A lot of thought went into this big ticket item that is the very next major deliverable on our plate. Who doesn’t love the idea of an evolution/breeding mechanic? No one, that’s who.
The challenge for all projects becomes “How do we do this our way, in the way that makes sense for our story and our universe and our culture?” Well, our question was answered for us by our lovely BRAWLERS gang.
The BRAWLERS designed a system to fix matches between bunnies. You may pay a cost in $CRTZ to upgrade your bunny’s overall abilities, including ATK and HP, as well as adding in-game buffs!
What are $CRTZ? They are the token system of Bad Bunnies NFT. We are currently deep underway in developing a token system and mechanism for staking. Without going into the fine details, the $CRTZ from this system can be used to purchase the trait upgrades for in-game boosts to YOUR Bad Bunnies NFT.
Our v2 of this concept, which will come after initial release of Trait Upgrades, is the ability to Trait Swap! Within our tiered system of bunnies, only certain traits exist per tier. Traits can be swapped for ones available to the tier you’re paying to upgrade.
You can utilize $CRTZ at cost to upgrade a hat, shirt, or trait feature. Pay the Caporegime to alter your look, roll the dice, and take what you get. Don’t like it? Roll again (at cost of course! Bunnies don’t work for free.) The idea here is that you can change out traits using our RNG system. There is even a very rare chance that you can swap available unused traits that never made it into the Gen collection: this means your bunny could be a totally unique bunny in the 5500!
Project wide updates
Other major town hall notes from 11/23:
  • We are working on expanding our team! If you are interested in joining the Bad Bunnies NFT team in a minor team role please contact @HavntBegun2Peak on Twitter and Discord. We are currently looking for an individual with web3 knowledge, and for another with Javascript and web development prowess to assist in website updates and maintenance.
  • Gang Lore competition has officially kicked off and submissions are coming in! Rules are posted in our discord #gang-lore-competition channel. The rules detail how we are accepting the stories, so please read them carefully.
  • Paw & Order lore story-telling game is also running concurrently. This game is spinning the tale of an official Bad Bunnies story, in the style of a who'bunnit’ mystery theme that pays out prizes! Visit #paw-n-order for more.
  • Our Burrough Banter game night and community chat is cancelled for November 24th. With the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday approaching, we figured its best to roll with the event starting back up next week on our normally scheduled Wednesday event.
  • Ish Verduzco (@ishverduzco) has come on in a marketing consulting capacity with the team in order to help us spread the good word! We’ve also brought on another team member, PhillthyCollector (@PhillthyC), to distribute some of the awesome work we’ll be delivering to you with their help.
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5500 Bad Bunnies were released from captivity onto the Ethereum blockchain and are running wild 🤘

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