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Wednesday, June 9, 2022

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Lost in the furor of skyrocketing prices, surging crime, and a divided America was some very good news of a cancer study recently published in The New England Journal of Medicine. According to The New York Times, a small clinical trial of 18 patients suffering from rectal cancer resulted in every patient going into remission.
The patients were given dostarlimab — a monoclonal antibody that unmasks cancer cells and allows the immune system to identify and destroy them — every three weeks for six months. At the end of the trial, every patient was cancer-free, including the trial’s first patient, who started the trial more than two years ago.
“I believe this is the first time this has happened in the history of cancer,” Dr. Luis A. Diaz Jr. a co-author of the paper, told The Times.
Oncologists everywhere are cautious but very excited by the results. Of course, far larger studies have to be done, but after heart disease, cancer is the biggest killer of Americans. We’ve all lost loved ones to the disease. This potential medical miracle could be the most exciting find since penicillin.
Dr. Andrea Cercek, another co-author of the study described the moment patients found out they were cancer-free. “There were a lot of happy tears.”
— Robin Beres, editor
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