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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Hot Shot ...
There is probably no one happier than President Joe Biden that August is finally over. Besides the debacle of his Afghanistan withdrawal, the month saw COVID-19 cases surge across the nation, inflation and gasoline prices creep up, and a monstrous hurricane slam into the Gulf Coast.
Americans’ approval of the president plummeted last month. RealClearPolitics polling averages show his disapproval rating now at about 49%. Many Democrats are growing increasingly concerned that Biden’s presidency will have a disastrous impact on the 2022 elections. The Washington Post infers that the midterms are already decided.
But White House officials have a different take. They believe voters won’t hold Biden accountable for the disastrous Afghanistan pullout. Most Americans agree it was time to leave. By November 2022, Biden’s people think the horrific images of desperate people trying to escape the Taliban will have faded from memory and voters will remember only that he made good on his 2020 campaign promise to end America’s forever wars.
But while the chapter of American boots in Afghanistan may have ended, the ongoing war on terrorism has not. And it’s a pipe dream to believe that those bent on the destruction of America won’t find their way back to Afghanistan. And over the coming months and years, we are likely going to see American allies executed and Afghan women return to the almost sub-human existence they lived before 2001.
Also, the damage done to our global standing remains. And at home, myriad crises abound: the pandemic is far from over; rising inflation and gasoline prices have yet to be addressed; and already this year, more than 1 million illegal immigrants have poured over our southern border.
There is still have more than a year until the midterm elections. Given all that’s transpired in the first eight months of Biden’s presidency, what are the chances things will improve in the next 14 months? Unfortunately, President Barack Obama’s warning about Biden still rings true: “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to [screw] things up.”
— Robin Beres, editor
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