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Blunderbuss: Workers v. Wokesters

The Blunderbuss
Monday, September 13, 2021

Hot Shot
Our era will be remembered, in part, for the pretentious cruelty and reductionist idiocy of the “social justice” bullies. They will eventually falter and fail in the United States because they are outnumbered by wiser souls — of every race and gender — who value fairness and achievement above florid displays of moral vanity. Our workers will vanquish the woke. It will be a victory for freedom and equality, for progress and kindness, for imagination and truth. And it’s on the way.
— Bob Rayner, editor
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Straight and narrow, under the sun, in Henrico. (Bob Rayner)
Straight and narrow, under the sun, in Henrico. (Bob Rayner)
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