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Blunderbuss: Racially Divisive Disaster

The Blunderbuss
Monday, October 4, 2021

Hot Shot
America is a compassionate country — but it is deeply compassionate, and has been for generations. The compassion of many “social justice” fanatics is shallow, self-absorbed, skin deep. It explains why they are unable to comprehend the crisis at our southern border that they have created. “Let them in!” they screech, accompanied by the inevitable childish lies about racism. Wisdom dictates that a truly compassionate nation must control its borders and formulate sensible policies to protect those on both sides.
Compassion necessarily rejects simple-minded moral vanity and instead insists upon reasoned solutions based on the realities of an intensely complicated world. It does not afflict the vulnerable in order to appease the comfortable. It does not demean the Other so that it can pander to fashionable ideology. It does not ignore costs. It does not treat citizens as offenders. It does not make false promises to those whose countries have failed them. Compassion is open and humble, pragmatic and clear-eyed. It does not shout and scream. It respects every individual.
— Bob Rayner, editor
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