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Blunderbuss: Kick the Punks

The Blunderbuss
Friday, September 24, 2021

Hot Shot
Which is more important to a community’s quality of life: good schools or good statues? The “news” media seem to believe it’s the latter. Or maybe monuments are simply more fun to cover. 
— Bob Rayner, editor
From Bacon’s Rebellion …
CRT’s Trojan Horses
Intellectual Enslavement at UVa
Also from Bacon’s Rebellion …
Redistricting: Voting Rights Act
Virginia Postcard …
Blue sky, always greener grass, and VMI. (Bob Rayner)
Blue sky, always greener grass, and VMI. (Bob Rayner)
What We’re Reading …
Russiagate: More Like Watergate
Our Aiding and Abetting Press
What They’re Spinning …
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