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Blunderbuss: CRT? What CRT?

The Blunderbuss
Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Hot Shot
A perfect world: Everyone is free to say whatever they like — and wise enough not to. 
— Bob Rayner, editor
From Bacon’s Rebellion …
Mama Bears vs. the Feds
Virginia Beach School Board Resolution Attempts to Clarify Equity Training and Teaching
Also from Bacon's Rebellion ...
Low-Energy Terry?
Bedlam at Southwest Airlines
Virginia Postcard ...
Old Town, Winchester. James A. Bacon
Old Town, Winchester. James A. Bacon
What We're Reading ...
How Zuckerberg Bought the Election
Why Are Moms Like Me Being Called Domestic Terrorists?
The Dire Implications of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy
What They're Spinning ...
Barack Obama is coming to Richmond Virginia Political Newsletter 
Teaching Piano In Your Homeschool Virginia Home School Blog
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