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Blunderbuss: Charmless Terry

The Blunderbuss
Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Hot Shot
The woke movement is a lot like high school: Everyone wants to show how different they are — by all thinking exactly alike. 
— Bob Rayner, editor
From Bacon’s Rebellion …
In Praise of School Resource Officers
If You Thought Virginia Higher Ed Couldn’t Get Worse…. You’re Wrong
Universities as Prestige Maximizers, and the Growing Disconnect with the Public
Also from Bacon’s Rebellion …
Northam’s Scare Tactics
Cardinal News Takes Flight
Virginia Postcard …
"Solitude" Virginia Beach at sunrise (from a Blunderbuss subscriber).
"Solitude" Virginia Beach at sunrise (from a Blunderbuss subscriber).
What We’re Reading …
In This House We Believe Family Trumps Politics
What They’re Spinning …
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