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Azeem's Exponential View - Free energy, deep learning, Microsoft & Facebook: issue #7

Three takes on the near future: cities, social credit & super-intelligence; deeper dive into zero
May 3 · Issue #7 · View online
The Exponential View
Three takes on the near future: cities, social credit & super-intelligence; deeper dive into zero-cost clean energy; deep learning & interesting short links. The Justine Musk story is great.
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Dept of the not-so-far future
China to use social sharing to rate citizens in a new 'social credit system'
Nick Bostrom: ‘I don’t think the artificial-intelligence train will slow down’
Driverless cars will transform cities for the better (cool!)
Dept of deep learning
Deep learning is going to be as essential a part of our daily business toolkit as Microsoft Excel. So in the vane of not escaping it, here are two interesting papers. (Might be hard to follow for the non-specialist.)
Deep learning machine solves the cocktail party problem
Deep learning uncovers complex interaction patterns on Twitter and Yelp
The data science ecosystem
Dept of energy disruption
Tesla launched a new domestic storage device. But here the link to Musk’s crucial announcement of the home battery. The key takeaway being that renewable, domestic and vehicular, electrical storage and generation is rapidly coming within reach.
The Elon Musk keynote on the new Tesla Battery
Electric car batteries just hit a key price point
The insane growth of solar power
Dept of dancing elephants
The secret psychology of Facebook
Microsoft (Yes, Microsoft) Has a Far-Out Vision
Microsoft age-guessing tool goes on a metadata-slurping, viral spree
Short links
Using Virtual Reality to teleport people into different bodies
The former Mrs Musk speaks of marriage and divorce to Elon
The irrationally undisruptable world of venture capital
Why Silicon Valley Will Continue to Rule
Slack’s $2.8 Billion Dollar Secret Sauce
What I wrote
Rethinking Ex Machina
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