🎉🔮 Apple Car; the internet off switch; history of machine learning; platform business models; the best so far; birthdays++ #28


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Azeem Azhar
Azeem Azhar
The internet needs an off switch; Apple’s new car; the history of machine learning; Exxon’s climate models; exploring platforms, the new modus operandi of impactful companies; and happy birthday (to me).
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Dept of the near future
😮🌟 “I’m so tired of this shit”: the Internet needs an off switch. Maciej Ceglowski’s blistering plea on the Internet, privacy, ads and business models. Unmissable, must read
👍  The quest for the master algorithm : review of Pedro Domingos’ overview of the history of machine learning. Excellent
🌍 The operating model that is conquering the world. Aaron Dignan on the new rules behind today’s most impactful companies. Good framework
☀️🔥  Exxon’s own climate models predicted global warming in 1982 (and those predictions line up with our best current consensus). They buried them. Worrying
🚘 The Apple Car will be here in 2019 and cost $55k (Forecast $11bn in Y1 sales, 29% gross margin).
Dept of birthdays!
🎉 🎂 It is my birthday today! The Exponential View community hit 2,000 members this week. Thank you. 
I’m having a lazy lie-in this morning instead of curating. So I’ve found the 14 of the top articles from the previous six months to collate in this week’s birthday edition.
🎈 Do say happy birthday with a 👍😀 on Twitter & Facebook.
Dept of the best so far
As promised above, here are several of the best stories curated from Exponential View since we started about six months ago. 
It’s a delightful smorgasbord because that’s how we roll. If you are recent subscriber, just curl up on the sofa and block out the afternoon. 
💰 The origin of wealth: Eric Beinhocker brilliantly applies complexity theory and network theory to economic design. Just read this, if you only read one thing.
👰 A billionaire starter wife: On Elon Musk’s first marriage
Six things technology has made insanely cheap (we should update this with things like gene sequencing, solar and even choice.)
🐊 Beyond the genome: what happen when we have sequenced the entire biocode
🌐 The Web we have to save: Hossein Derakshan argues passionately we need to break out of the Facebook jail.
🔥 The point of no return: the climate change nightmare is here. Epic Rolling Stone reportage.
👾The brain vs deep learning: or why the singularity is nowhere near
💡Is advertising morally justifiable? How we need to protect our attention
💻 In technology, the small fish always eat the big fish. (One reason I love the industry: the status quo isn’t.)
🎩👴John Markoff on the next wave: “The Kurzweil crowd argues this is happening faster and faster, and things are just running amok. In fact, things are slowing down. In 2045, it’s going to look more like it looks today than you think.”
⌚️ The super computer on our wrists. Gorgeous graphic showing off Moore’s law.
🐇The future of the Web looks like bitcoin. Really recommended.
🐣Consciousness, here, there and everywhere. Tononi and Koch’s new theory of consciousness. This is the hardest piece ever featured on Exponential View. (Koch’s video is easier to understand.)
Short morsels for dinner parties
Interesting stories that caught my attention… and might make for reasonable dinner party chat or more.
🎅 The GlowForge is a domestic 3-d laser cutter which can make almost anything. (For Xmas pls!)
💉 Move over CRISPR-Cas9, here comes CRISPR-cpf1 : a new technology promises patent-free enhancements in gene tinkering
💡The power of the market, Moore’s Law and connectivity: this Syrian refugee camp has little water but plenty of smartphones
Giraffes aren’t silent. They rumble to each other. (Why isn’t there an emoji for giraffe?)
Tesla’s gigafactory could cut battery costs 50%. (Battery costs represent a large part of the capex in making solar/renewables effective.)
😆 What shape is the Internet? Is it a cloud, or a bean, or a web, or an explosion, or a highway, or maybe a weird lump.
Adtech, not ad blocking, has broken the internet’s social contract. (Only thing I plan to link to on AdBlock, written by the wonderful Doc Searls.)
Beautiful LED lightbulbs that look like old-skool architectural lamps.
Exponential Dinner #2 - AI Design
We are having our second Exponential Dinner in London on October 19th. The topic is designing AI products and services. The venue will be Second Home London, the cost around GBP50. 
(Thanks to John Henderson of Whitestar for recommending the venue.)
What you are up to
AEV reader Sangeet Paul Choudary (@sanguit) has published his new book Platform Thinking looking at marketplaces, social networks, developer ecosystems, the internet of things and cryptocurrencies, all leveraged the networked platform models. The first three chapters are available for free here
AEV readers from Anthemis Partners have launched a new report, Always In Beta, looking at changing consumer preference in financial services.
End notes
Thanks for reading! 
Normal service and fewer emoji next week. 
As always hit reply if you want to chat.
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