7 ideas you can learn from The Founders of Hewlett-Packard





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7 ideas you can learn from The Founders of Hewlett-Packard
By Founders Podcast • Issue #11 • View online

Founders Podcast
The latest Founders Podcast is on Bill Hewlett and David Packard: The Founders of Hewlett-Packard. It is based on the book The HP Way: How Bill Hewlett and I Built Our Company by David Packard. 
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Today’s email highlights the 7 objectives that make up the business management philosophy “The HP Way” 
This is how David Packard describes these objectives:
Any organization, any group of people who have worked together for some time, develops a philosophy, a set of values, a series of traditions and customs. These in total, are unique to the organization. So it is with Hewlett-Packard. We have a set of values—deeply held beliefs that guide us in meeting our objectives, in working with one another, and in dealing with customers, shareholders, and others. Our corporate objectives serve as a day-to-day guide for decision making. To help us meet our objectives, we employ various plans and practices. It is the combination of these elements—our values, corporate objectives, plans and practices—that forms the HP Way. 
To recognize that profit is the best single measure of our contribution to society and the ultimate source of our corporate strength. We should attempt to achieve the maximum possible profit consistent with our other objectives. 
To strive for continual improvement in the quality, usefulness, and value of the products and services we offer our customers. 
Field of Interest
To concentrate our efforts, continually seeking new opportunities for growth but limiting our involvement to fields in which we have capability and can make a contribution. 
To emphasize growth as a measure of strength and a requirement for survival. 
To provide employment opportunities for HP people that include the opportunity to share in the company’s success, which they help make possible. To provide for them job security based on performance, and to provide the opportunity for personal satisfaction that comes from a sense of accomplishment in their work. 
To maintain an organizational environment that fosters individual motivation, initiative and creativity, and a wide latitudes of freedom in working toward established objectives and goals. 
To meet the obligations of good citizenship by making contributions to the community and to the institutions in our society which generate the environment in which we operate. 
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