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10 quotes from Elon Musk Blog Series: How Tesla Will Change The World

10 quotes from Elon Musk Blog Series: How Tesla Will Change The World
By Founders Podcast • Issue #19 • View online
This week’s book is a book length blog post: Elon Musk: How Tesla Will Change The World. The entire series is available in kindle format: The Elon Musk Blog Series.

10 quotes from How Tesla Will Change The World that made me think
1. I’ve heard people compare knowledge of a topic to a tree. If you don’t fully get it, it’s like a tree in your head with no trunk— and without a trunk, when you learn something new about the topic— a new branch or leaf of the tree— there’s nothing for it to hang onto, so it just falls away.
2. Elon Musk likes to say that the indefinite extension of the Fossil Fuels Era is “the dumbest experiment in history.”
3. Had electric cars never had their day because of irreconcilable issues? Or had the right person— the Henry Ford of EVs— just not come along yet?
4. A company like GM is a finance-driven company who always has to live up to financial expectations. Here we look at it the other way around— the product is successful when it’s great, and the company becomes great because of that.
5. This mirrored what Musk had told me earlier in the day: “The moment the person leading a company thinks numbers have value in themselves, the company’s done. The moment the CFO becomes CEO— it’s done. Game over.”
6. Over time, big industries tend to get flabby and uncreative and risk-averse— and if the right outsider company has the means and creativity to come at the industry with a fresh perspective and rethink the whole thing, there’s often a huge opportunity there.
7. If 20th-century human invention could go from the Wright Brothers’ 12-second flight to the moon in just 66 years, surely advancing battery technology enough to bring electric car prices and charging times down while increasing range shouldn’t have been beyond our scope. Why did innovation and progress in   something as important to the world as car-powering technology just stop?
8. We have to ask the question: Why does technological progress ever happen at all?
9. The more real-world value you create, the more money you’ll make.
10. This all sounded uncannily similar to how Steve Jobs had done things at Apple. He obsessed over making “insanely great products,” and he never paid attention to what other companies were doing, always coming at things from a clean sheet of paper perspective. When Apple decided to make a phone, they didn’t try to make a better Blackberry— they asked, “What should a mobile phone be?”
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