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By Austin Baker

Take a moment to relax and catch up on all the things going on in Austin's life.

Take a moment to relax and catch up on all the things going on in Austin's life.

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My 2022 Goals

Traditionally, I am a much more driven person when it comes to having freelance and creating my own videos. This year, I am actually taking time to focus on my personal goals. I love having career goals, and I still will, but actually giving myself the bandwi…



This year brought both the best I have ever felt and the worst I have ever felt. The craziest part was that they were within a month of each other. 2021 started out as a prolonged version of 2020, which left my motivation in the dumps. I honestly started the …



Like I said in my last newsletter, I left my job at Touchstone to pursue a position at Cintas.


What happened last month?

One of the weirdest feelings is watching your friends get married and then reliving all of the stupid moments you have had with them. This summer, I got to be a part of some of my favorite friends weddings, and it was a blast!


Photoshoot with TJ Oshie

One of the cool parts of my job is the brands we represent. There are companies such as Barstool Sports, Progressive, and Kroger, but then there is Warroad.


Young Austin is Very Happy

Last week’s newsletter got me thinking about my life goals as a kid. When I was young, I was so excited to grow up and have a job. The issue was, I had no idea what I wanted to do.


Wasting Away My Free Time

When I was in college, I felt like there was too many hours in a day. I was working 3 different jobs, in many different clubs, and staying on top of all my school work; now, I barely am able to mow the grass after work before I’m ready for bed. What happened?


Austin's Golden Birthday!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

We started off my birthday weekend with something I have never done....a pedicure.


Austin goes to Chicago! 🏙

We took a trip to Chicago on Wednesday last week to capture assets for Warroad's new athletic collection.



If you watched my 2020 recap video, you already knew I became re-addicted to playing video games. (Who knew staying at home would make me revert to a 13 year old) They are the perfect escape when I need a break from work. Mostly, the games I enjoy are ones I …



Well, it is basically a newsletter. This is an attempt to reignite that flame; a journal that I share with anyone who is curious about my life. I'll break it down into subsections of Personal, Work, and Side Projects to give you some insight into the projects…