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By Austin Baker • Issue #10 • View online
Wow, we are already into the new year. Who else thought the holidays just flew by? I wanted to take some time to reflect on the past. 2021 was honestly a mixed bag of emotions. For half of it, it sucked; the other half, not so much. Let’s dive in.

In my happy place. NYC.
In my happy place. NYC.
This year brought both the best I have ever felt and the worst I have ever felt. The craziest part was that they were within a month of each other. 2021 started out as a prolonged version of 2020, which left my motivation in the dumps. I honestly started the year in a very bad state of mind, although I started off by making two of my favorite videos ever. These two stretched my creative muscles and made me excited to create again. Something happened after that because I didn’t really make any personal videos until my birthday in July.
Side note: I evaluate my happiness based on how many videos I make for fun. If I’m pumping out a ton, it usually means I am in a great mood. If I barely make any, it means I’m too busy or not in the motivated to make them. Ideally, I would love to have a constant flow of videos to keep challenging myself.
1 Year with AirPods Pro
1 Year with AirPods Pro
Speaking of challenging myself, 2021 did that a lot to me. As the year went on, I felt I needed to move on from my job. I applied to a tons of jobs and felt the consistent imposter syndrome of not being good enough for the roles. The numbness of rejection definitely weighted on my spirits the entire time. Once I secured my new job at Cintas, that was really when the coin flipped. As I started there, I immediately felt the challenge and drive that I was missing. This kick started my year into the upward spiral that I am in now. I feel motivated and passionate like I have in the past. 
2021 was a valley and a mountain for me. It challenged me in ways I haven’t ever before and made me appreciate the people I have in my life. Everyone around me helped me through the lows and celebrated through the highs, which I very much appreciate. I’m excited for what’s to come in the next year!
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