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Tim Koster's Newsletter - February 2022

Tim Koster
Tim Koster
Well, I’m just squeaking this one in under the wire, aren’t I? February was an interesting month. Sales for The Probability of Time were low, but my KENP (Kindle Unlimited pages read) was higher than any previous period of time since the book came out in 2022.
I think the low sales comes from not putting much effort into marketing this month thanks to an uptick of work at my job. It’s all good though! I’ve made significant progress on my next book The Children of Time as well as a few short stories I want to put in an anthology which is under the working title of: Reflections from the Road Less Traveled.
Some other projects I’m excited about include the Grimwicki Database, the official repository of information regarding canonical elements regarding my literary universe. It’s still a work in progress, but you can find some fun information on there.
I think that sums up everything. Please check out the links below and check out any news or blogs you may have missed this past month!
Until next time!

What you may have missed
Here are the blogs and news releases from my website over the past month.
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Tim Koster
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