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The Next Chapter of Aurora EOS


Aurora EOS Weekly Update

May 3 · Issue #49 · View online

The Week in EOS.

Today, we’d like to announce some exciting news about the next chapter of Aurora EOS.
When we first launched Aurora EOS, we set out with two primary objectives: to provide the most informed analysis for EOS voters, and to run state-of-the-art block producer (BP) infrastructure. We’ve been proud of our efforts and accomplishments on both of those fronts.
On the analysis side, we delivered in-depth explainers about the EOSIO ecosystem, hosted informative conversations on our EOS Voter Podcast, consistently published one of the best weekly newsletters in the industry, provided technical and governance leadership when issues arose, and maintained a clear and transparent dialogue with the EOS community through Twitter, Telegram, WeChat, and more.
On the infrastructure side, we ran a top 100 block producer with 100% uptime. Our infrastructure was the result of a partnership with Staked, a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service. Tim Ogilvie, Seth Riney, and Jonathan Marcus offer best-in-class services for staking and lending across the crypto ecosystem. Their expertise allowed us to launch Aurora with the lowest possible overhead while also maintaining extremely high performance, security, and flexibility.
Looking back at our journey, we’ve grown a ton, and so has EOS. The network has matured in ways we could have never imagined from mainnet launch to today. It has evolved into a vibrant, international ecosystem with builders committed to advancing every corner of the network—a feat that will go down in history. Despite all of our success, Aurora EOS today is a small team with limited bandwidth. It’s our belief that block producers must listen, react, and evolve to meet the present (and future) needs of the network. And so, it became clear to us that our future success depends heavily on our ability to pace with the scale with the network. With that in mind, today, we are proud to announce that Aurora EOS and Greymass are officially teaming up.
Greymass’s reputation and technical prowess needs no introduction. They are one of the most prominent, capable, and respected BPs in the entire ecosystem. Their previous experience working on DPoS chains yielded the leading EOS desktop wallet. They also manage the most performant and used APIs on the network, proactively offer up technical leadership, and build amazing tools that advance the ecosystem.
As block producers, our brands have circled each other’s center of gravity for some time. We are ideologically aligned, ethically aligned, and politically aligned in ways that are essential for our mutual long-term success. We also share similar beliefs about key technological policies that we believe will drive the entire ecosystem forward. It became clear that we are stronger together, and that the single most impactful thing we could do for voters was to band together. By combining our unique talents and resources, we’ll be able to compound our strengths to better serve you first and foremost, as well as the EOS community at large.
Zooming out for a moment, while it’s not necessarily a first in EOS history for BPs to team up, we certainly expect more BPs to follow suit as the EOS ecosystem becomes increasingly more complex, and as the role of block producers evolves from simply providing technical resources to the network to become more that of a full-service representative on behalf of voters. We are happy to be first movers in that regard.
Looking ahead, starting today, I, Myles Snider, will join the Greymass team as a partner, where I’ll remain focused on governance and ecosystem development. Block producers govern the destiny of users and voters alike, and as such, they need to communicate with them and help their voices be heard. My focus will remain heavily on governance issues, community relations, promoting education and awareness, and fostering ecosystem growth.
I will also continue to host amazing guests from all around the EOSIO ecosystem on the EOS Voter Podcast. If you haven’t yet subscribed, you can do so on all of the major podcast platforms (or follow us on Twitter for regular updates). I will continue writing an EOSIO-focused newsletter, which you can subscribe to here. And as part of the migration, I’ll be moving it to Substack and debuting a new and improved format. If you’re already a subscriber, your email will be ported over automatically—no action required. Finally, I’ll be writing even more about the EOSIO ecosystem on the Greymass blog, and will make a point to feature some of the brightest minds within their organization. Stay tuned for some major updates from Greymass in the very near future (follow us on Twitter here).
After much deliberation, we decided that it’s best for our organizations to present as a unified front. In two weeks time, (on 5/17/19), Staked will officially unregister our auroraeoscom BP node and the Aurora brand will wind down, a bittersweet moment for me personally. For technical reasons, there is no way to migrate our node—or your votes—to Greymass’s node. After our node unregisters, you will no longer be able to cast votes for Aurora EOS. If you’re currently voting for us, I encourage you to support us and our efforts by re-casting your votes for teamgreymass, Greymass’s official BP node. This is the only action I am asking you to take.
Progress is born from change, and this is the next step in our journey. With that in mind, if you have any questions or concerns about migrating your votes, or the work we’ll be doing with Greymass, feel free to write me directly. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about how we can continue to improve the ecosystem at large. You can reach me directly at
Thank you so much for your continued support. We could not do any of this without you.
Myles Snider, CEO  
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