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Aurora EOS Weekly Update

March 13 · Issue #43 · View online

The Week in EOS.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve written in the newsletter about the recent discussions and debates around full history nodes on EOS. And this week I’d like to round out that conversation by drawing readers’ attention to a major development by the EOS Rio team: the Hyperion API.
EOS Rio has managed to create a new open-source standard for EOS full history API nodes. Not only is their solution more efficient than the existing native history plugin, it’s also technically easier to setup and maintain, cheaper to run, and requires far less storage. What used to require 4TB now only requires ~650GB. It’s really amazing work from one of the most highly technical BP teams.
This past weekend, we interviewed the EOS Rio team about this on our podcast. Look out for that episode this week!
Myles Snider, CEO

The Major News
Presenting Hyperion History API Solution – EOS Rio
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