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Aurora EOS Weekly Update


Aurora EOS Weekly Update

February 15 · Issue #36 · View online

The Week in EOS.

Last week I wrote about Worbli’s airdrop controversy. I’d like to address a couple new pieces of information that came to light. Syed from EOS Cafe Block pointed out to me that at the time the decision was made, only about 2000 accounts had actually registered, and the sign-up rate was down to about two new accounts per day. In other words, organic demand from EOS mainnet token holders was quite low. The goal with the airdrop was likely to gain a large user base from existing holders, but Worbli wasn’t getting that benefit at all. They had to choose between finishing a long, drawn-out onboarding process that would have resulted in only a small number of new users or making making more aggressive moves that would prevent those additional users from joining but would allow them to onboard important partners.
In that sense, it seems like Worbli made the rational decision. As I said before, Worbli (especially at this stage in its existence) functions more like a company than a decentralized public network. I still think that their messaging was flawed and that they should have given users more of a warning in advance, but I wish them the best and hope that whatever partners they are onboarding will help bring more value into the ecosystem. They just announced that they’re working on an STO platform with EOS New York, and they’ve also hinted at some other soon-to-be-announced partnerships.
In other news, EOS New York drafted a replacement for the interim constitution– they’re simply calling it the EOS User Agreement (EUA). The document has been put up for a referendum vote. We voted yes yesterday with our proxy, and we’d encourage all of our readers to do the same.
The EUA proposal is short, simple, and effective. Most important, however, is that its adoption would mean that the interim constitution from network launch would be replaced and ECAF would no longer exist as any sort of governing body. If you’ve been following us for any time, you know how much of a positive development we believe that to be. Although ECAF hasn’t been able to do much of anything since BPs rejected their last “order,” it’s important to make this decision official. If you haven’t yet, please get out there and vote!
Myles Snider, CEO

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