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Aurora EOS Weekly Update

Today's newsletter is a long one so I'll just offer a short note. The big news of the week is that EO

Aurora EOS Weekly Update

January 18 · Issue #29 · View online
The Week in EOS.

Today’s newsletter is a long one so I’ll just offer a short note. The big news of the week is that EOS referendum is officially live. Technologically, this is a big milestone for EOS. A system-level smart contract now exists that can take a stake-weighted vote of token holders on literally any topic. How this actually plays out with regards to participation rates, issues raised, and overall effectiveness for governance are all open questions.
I discussed this issue with Haley Thomson of EOS Cafe Block in a podcast this week. If you’re interested in learning more about referendum and what it means for EOS, I recommend you check that episode out.
With that, let’s dive into this week!
Myles Snider, CEO

EOSIO Version 1.6.0
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