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Aurora EOS Weekly Update

There are two interesting updates from this week that I'd like to highlight. The first relates to one

Aurora EOS Weekly Update

December 20 · Issue #23 · View online
The Week in EOS.

There are two interesting updates from this week that I’d like to highlight.
The first relates to one our our favorite topics around here— ECAF. Recently, ECAF issued it’s second order, which relates to a specific user who lost their keys and wants to regain access to their account.
Skepticism and concern around ECAF has been rising, and many (myself included) believe that it’s outside of the purview of ECAF to ask BPs to change keys for someone who simply lost access to their account. That system clearly doesn’t scale, not to mention it’s wildly insecure. Many BPs seem to agree, and instead of just obeying ECAF’s orders, they have put this issue to a BP vote. You can watch as various teams review and decide on the order here. We think this is a positive development, and one that may drastically reduce the power that ECAF has even before a referendum is held. The proposal expires on 12/25, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on it until then.
The other issue concerns a recent article released by the EOSBet team. In it, they talk about some of the recent scaling problems they’ve encountered on EOS. It’s important to remember that although EOS was built around scalability, it is still early and there are many improvements to be made. It’s also important to remember that TPS isn’t a perfect metric; in fact, there’s still disagreement over what exactly constitutes a blockchain transaction, as this article points explains.
But one thing the EOSBet team mentions, that I find particularly interesting, is their exploration of state channels. State channels are one of the solutions that the Ethereum community has been exploring for scalability— they allow users to conduct transactions off-chain with almost all of the security guarantees that come with on-chain transactions. Just because EOS is a highly scalable blockchain does not mean that everything must happen on-chain. And because the on-chain throughput of EOS is quite high, it may be far easier for users to open and close channels on-chain than it is on other blockchains like Ethereum.
Overall, I think that state channels are a really interesting path to explore, and surely there’s a lot we can learn from the Ethereum community’s existing work on the subject. I’m looking forward to seeing the EOSBet team’s progress on that front.
Myles Snider, CEO

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