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Aurora EOS Weekly Update

In perhaps the biggest development of the week, put forward a release candidate for v1.6.0

Aurora EOS Weekly Update

December 13 · Issue #21 · View online
The Week in EOS.

In perhaps the biggest development of the week, put forward a release candidate for v1.6.0 of the EOSIO software. This version contains a number of major updates, including the initial implementation of the resource exchange (REX).
The REX is a big deal for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it will create a lending pool from which dApp developers can borrow EOS tokens to access bandwidth. Bandwidth costs have consistently been an issue for EOS developers. Chintai has been a huge help, but REX may offer additional incentives that further increase the supply of EOS available for dApps to borrow.
From a token holder point of view, REX offers the opportunity to earn returns not just from leasing out EOS tokens, but also from a share in the fees from the RAM and name auction markets. Currently, those funds are allocated to a community-owned smart contract; however, they could be added to the books of the REX as an additional incentive for participants. EOS New York has argued that REX should be implemented without that additional fund distribution to begin with, as the use of community funds should only be decided on by a token-holder referendum. We tend to agree that this sets the right precedent, but REX can still be implemented without this fee share and that functionality can be switched on at a later date.
Finally, REX offers additional incentive for voters. In order to participate in the REX, token holders must cast votes for at least 21 BPs or proxy their vote to an account that does. This will disincentivize certain types of voter behavior, such as only voting for a single BP candidate. It may also increase total voter participation, as the financial benefits of participating in REX can only be realized if one votes.
REX is one of the most exciting developments in EOS since the launch of the mainnet in June. It offers a number of improvements across the board, and it speaks to’s developer power and expertise that they were able to build it so quickly. As excited as we are for REX to be implemented, we’re strongly in favor of rigorous and detailed testing, especially in a live testnet environment, before it’s added to the mainnet. That said, we couldn’t be happier with this update.
With that, let’s dive into this week’s news!
Myles Snider, CEO

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