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Aurora EOS Weekly Update

In recent weeks we've seen EOS get closer to hitting capacity as usage of the network continues to gr

Aurora EOS Weekly Update

November 8 · Issue #13 · View online
The Week in EOS.

In recent weeks we’ve seen EOS get closer to hitting capacity as usage of the network continues to grow quickly. Block producers and core developers are working diligently on a number of improvements that should help alleviate many of these issues and allow EOS to scale significantly. These includes things like better resource management, optimizations to the resource algorithm, improved BP infrastructure, multi-threading, and much more.
But as EOS scales up from a throughput perspective, we’re seeing another major challenge emerge, and one that we expect to become the major topic of discussion within the community over the next few months; governance.
A few BPs have been building out the referenda contract, which means that soon we’ll be able to hold a public vote by EOS token holders to decide on major changes to the network. This marks a major evolution for EOS governance. Currently, BPs are tasked with important decision-making on behalf of token holders; now, token holders can influence those decisions directly. Further, it will allow the EOS community to finally do things like ratify a constitution, which itself involves a number of complicated issues around arbitration, community norms, limits of BP authority, and much more.
These aren’t easy issues, and they shouldn’t be taken lightly. The EOS community is in a critical position right now to get these things right early on. We’ll be making governance issues one of our main focuses over the next few months as these issues play out. We’re looking forward to that dialogue with the community.
Hoping to see many of you at the upcoming EOS Hackathon in San Francisco, as well as the Scaling Blockchain Conference afterwards. I’ll be speaking at the latter. If you’re at either and you’d like to say hi, reach out on Telegram or Twitter!
Myles Snider, CEO

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