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Aurora EOS Weekly Update


Aurora EOS Weekly Update

November 2 · Issue #12 · View online

The Week in EOS.

One of the things that’s most impressed me about the development of the EOS dApp ecosystem has been the focus on mobile friendliness. I’ve been spending more time lately playing around with some of the EOS mobile wallets, and I’ve been floored by what I’ve seen.
As many of us know, the term “wallet” is a poor description of what these applications actually do. Functionally, they provide key management and signing. But from a UX perspective, they are full-suite dApp interfaces. I recently sent some tokens to a mobile wallet account, staked them for bandwidth, purchased some RAM, played a gaming dApp, won some tokens, and then immediately sold those tokens for EOS on a DEX….all from within the mobile app. It’s all quite incredible. I think that once we have stablecoins on EOS and more liquidity on the DEXs things will get even more interesting.
There’s still some progress to be made in terms of user on-boarding. EOS Lynx has shown itself to be the real winner here, with by far the easiest on-boarding process I’ve seen. Their use of TouchID for transactions is brilliant (every time I do it, it feels like a taste of the future), and I hope the other mobile wallets integrate that, as well.
Overall, however, I’ve been most impressed with TokenPocket and These mobile wallets have incredibly well developed dApp integrations and offer users full access to almost all of the features of EOS; staking and resource management, voting, and much more. I encourage everyone to go download one of these wallets, create an account, and play around.
Word on the street is that the mobile wallet is going to be arriving any day now. I can’t confirm that, but I did see a demo directly from Dan himself when I was in London, so we know that it’s close to completion. There are two things that are going to be especially transformative about this wallet; free account creation, and key management using the Apple secure enclave. The latter part is a big deal from both a UX and security perspective. I can’t wait.
-Myles Snider, CEO

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