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Aurora EOS Weekly Update

Erik Voorhees once tweeted that "bear markets are for builders," and that certainly seems to be the c

Aurora EOS Weekly Update

October 26 · Issue #10 · View online
The Week in EOS.

Erik Voorhees once tweeted that “bear markets are for builders,” and that certainly seems to be the case in the EOS community. Despite the lack of exciting price action lately, we’ve seen steady progress on almost all fronts. We’re seeing more and more optimizations to the core code, new dApps emerging every week, more ecosystem infrastructure and tools, and slow but steady increases in governance participation. For those paying attention to metrics other than the price of the token, there’s never been a more exciting time for EOS.
In many ways, this prolonged bear market is the ultimate blessing. In bull markets, speculative mania can bring in waves of attention that make it hard for those with a long-term vision to coordinate and execute. It’s important that EOS irons out some of its issues around governance and core features before it becomes too difficult to change these things. On that front, we’ll be releasing some more upcoming articles related to EOS governance as we get closer to the first EOS referendum and adoption of an official constitution. We’re excited to offer our thoughts on this front and to help kick-start the debate on some of the most important issues facing EOS.
And with that, let’s dive into what’s been happening the past week.

General Happenings
EOS Enhancement Proposals (EEPs)
Introducing Comprehensive EOS Ledger Support – EOS42
Recommended Reading
Understanding EOS Vote Decay – Aurora EOS
A new UI for Scatter
BetDice token economics follow-up – Maple Leaf Capital
StartEOS Namespace Auctions
WORBLI’S Block Producer Ecosystem
Cool Stuff
EOS Names by EOSMetal
EOS Rio Price Oracle
EOS Charge
The Definitive Guide to Start Your EOS Education
Watching and Listening
EP85: Take Control of Your Blockchain Identity w/ Scatter — Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast
The dApp World
Ultra — A PC Game Distribution Platform Powered by Blockchain
Save the Date
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