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Aurora EOS Weekly Update

This week was another massive week for EOS progress, but we'd like to highlight two particularly inte

Aurora EOS Weekly Update

October 18 · Issue #8 · View online
The Week in EOS.

This week was another massive week for EOS progress, but we’d like to highlight two particularly interesting developments.
We’ve always described EOS as a blockchain that’s built from the ground up for scale. EOS has already hit an all-time-high of 3,996 transactions per second and a has maintained a steady lead in transactions per day. But these numbers, while impressive, are just a start. If EOS is to become the best blockchain platform for dApps, capacity will need to increase significantly in the future. That will happen through a combination of multi-threading, sidechains, optimizations to the core code, and scaling of block producer infrastructure. This week, we saw core code optimizations in action.
Since the launch of the chain, the default parameters governing how CPU is allocated haven’t changed. But usage of the EOS blockchain has increased significantly, and users were beginning to run into issues when their CPU usage was throttled. BPs noticed what was happening and immediately began testing a change to the default parameters on the CryptoKylin testnet. The tests went smoothly, and EOS Rio issued a proposal to make the same change on the mainnet. The change was approved by 15/21 BPs, and the CPU issue has been (at least temporarily) addressed.
This is a prime example of how quickly EOS can iterate, and how it is designed to scale with usage. It’s likely that we’ll see further optimizations like this in the future, and perhaps even a change to the resource allocation algorithm. We feel confident that EOS is better positioned to host truly scalable dApps than any other platform that exists.
Another major proposal we wanted to highlight was this one from EOS Cafe Block. They make a compelling argument that the 30 BP limit for voters is arbitrary and unnecessary. In fact, they’ve already submitted a pull request to remove the cap entirely. We agree with EOS Cafe Block on this one, and we hope that the community begins to discuss this potential change in detail.
With that, let’s get into the highlights from this week!

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