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Aurora EOS Weekly Update

One trend we've been noticing lately with EOS is the beginning of some serious open-source competitio

Aurora EOS Weekly Update

October 10 · Issue #6 · View online
The Week in EOS.

One trend we’ve been noticing lately with EOS is the beginning of some serious open-source competition. EOSBet was one of the original gaming dApps built on EOS, and they were one of the first to prove a profitable business model for dApp developers. Recently we’ve seen an explosion of clones and competitors attempting to mimic EOSBet’s success. Some of these clones are using marketing, giveaways, token incentives, and lower house odds to try to outcompete EOSBet. Even though EOSBet was the first of its kind, the existence of open-source software allows competitors to spin up with much lower barriers to entry than there are in legacy systems. It’s going to be fascinating to watch various dApps try to distinguish themselves, create network effects, and carve moats around their user base in an open-source world.
If you’re interested in keeping an eye on the growth of dApps, users, and activity on EOS, here are three great resources:

  • DappRadar for historical user data on EOS dApps.
  • Blocktivity for overall usage statistics for blockchain platforms.
  • CoinMetrics for EOS stats, including active accounts.

Let’s jump into what’s been going on this week!

General Happenings
Chintai Debuts
EOS Argentina launches tool to recover unregistered tokens.
Mereo Proxy
Recommended Reading
Combatting Vote Manipulation on EOS
The value of public APIs and a look inside one of the largest - Greymass
Proposal for moving forward on EOS Constitution — Ian Grigg
Watching and Listening
Long Reads Live #1
Blockchain Live Panel Discussion with Dan Larimer, Joe Lubin, and more
Scatter - Importing Keypairs
Voting for EOS Proxies Using Your Ledger
The dApp World
EOSBet-Run Promo Substantially Slows Down EOS Network.
Announcing BankofStaked
EOSJS Major Update V20.0.0
The Big List of EOS Developer Resources
Ecosystem Tools
simplEOS Version 0.6.9
Save the Date

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