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Aurora EOS Weekly Update

Welcome to the Aurora EOS Weekly Update, our once-a-week roundup of everything important happening in

Aurora EOS Weekly Update

September 23 · Issue #1 · View online
The Week in EOS.

Welcome to the Aurora EOS Weekly Update, our once-a-week roundup of everything important happening in the EOS ecosystem. Our goal with this newsletter is to separate the signal from the noise and to keep EOS participants up-to-date with major trends, developments, and ideas. We’ll refine this newsletter as time goes on, but feel free to send any suggestions our way! Ping us on Twitter @auroraeosbp or reach out to me directly @myles_snider or by email at
This week marked the launch of Aurora EOS, our block producer. A special thanks to the entire EOS community for the incredible support we received! If you haven’t yet voted, please take some time to cast a vote for our node: auroraeoscom
We just wrapped up the EOS London Hackathon, and we were incredibly impressed by many of the projects that were built. Congratulations to the winners: EOShield, Chestnut, and On the Block. We were especially impressed with the UX and proposed features of Chestnut, which leverages EOS’s account permissions system to offer rock-solid security to everyday users. These products are all still in the earliest stages, but we’re looking forward to seeing more from each of these teams!
With that, let’s get into it!

Hello, World — Aurora EOS
Voting Guide — Aurora EOS
General Happenings
EOS (EOS) – Ledger Support
Circle Invest welcomes EOS, Stellar, 0x and Qtum
Recommended Reading
Universal Resource Inheritance – Daniel Larimer
In Defense of Universal Resource Inheritance – Daniel Larimer
An Overview of Proxy Voting on EOS – Aurora EOS – Medium
Performance and Transaction Billing on EOS: A Cooperative Effort, Not a Competitive One
Blockchain UX, should just be UX. – Nathan James
The Definitive Voting Guide For EOS Block Producers
The dApp World
DappRadar Lists EOS DApps
LiquidEOS presents BancorX on EOS Blockchain
EOSBet Transfer Hack Statement
EOSIO Version 1.3.0
EOSFactory v2.1
Releases · eoscanada/eosc v1.0.0
Free Market Dispute Resolution: {{Regarbitrator}} / {{Regforum}} — Request for Comments
Save the Date
Aurora EOS
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