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Atlas China Top 8 - Tech, Business, Innovation

Welcome new subscribers! If you're in Beijing, hit reply and let's get drinks next Wednesday.  –How w

Atlas China Top 8

January 19 · Issue #3 · View online
China + global technology, business, and innovation trends, 8 items at a time.

Welcome new subscribers! If you’re in Beijing, hit reply and let’s get drinks next Wednesday. 
–How will emerging technologies impact daily life and business? China Business Review looks at what’s next for the digital economy.  
–Shanghai’s bid to become the global “e-sports capital” illustrates China’s ability to take the inside track in every emerging industry simultaneously.  
–3+ years later, Dan Grover’s classic essay on characteristics of Chinese UI is still ahead of its time. Who’s writing this well today?  
–A compelling essay suggests Chinese language fluency is increasingly necessary to keep up with megatrends in business and technology. 
–TechNode’s thoughtful interview with Jeremy Goldkorn puts the rise of China as a tech superpower into domestic and international context.  
–Beijing is building a $2.1 billion AI park for “enterprises that work on big-data, biometric identification, deep learning and cloud computing.” 
–BDA founder and Alibaba author Duncan Clark on China tech: “I have lived in Beijing for more than 20 years, yet only in the past year have I felt on returning to London or Silicon Valley that I’m going backwards in time.”
–More interesting stat: 100,000,000+ people played tiao yi tiao on WeChat in two weeks, or 30 people have a high score over 3,000 points
For those in Beijing, want to join for drinks next Wednesday? I’m getting a group together for a happy-hour and good conversation. Let me know. 
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