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Atlas China Top 8 - China Tech 'Ecosystems' + U.S. Counterparts

As China's tech sector attracts the world's attention, analysis, and debate, the environment for West

Atlas China Top 8

February 15 · Issue #7 · View online
China + global technology, business, and innovation trends, 8 items at a time.

As China’s tech sector attracts the world’s attention, analysis, and debate, the environment for Western firms is changing too:
–China’s ‘mega ecosystems’ poised to grow in 2018 as platform companies invest in new capabilities. Here’s a WalkTheChat breakdown of how Tencent is doing it.
Very cool map illustrates China’s recent dominance in global exports. 
–This week in leading indicators: WEF charts China’s incredible growth in R&D spending, STEM students, U.S. patents, and VC. 
–Wired UK special on China’s rise to tech superpower status, with a great feature from Christina Larson and a deep dive into Didi Chuxing. Western media finally catching up with “the people’s republic of tech.” 
–The latest from Matt Sheehan (Chinafornia), one of the best on U.S.-China tech: How China is using incentives to drive AI development.
–Silicon Valley and DC have different reactions to the rise of Chinese tech. Worth watching closely to see how they impact each other. 
–Not about China, but major implications for global competition: Scott Galloway makes a provocative case that the American Big Four tech companies should be broken up. (It’s also a terrific lecture.) 
–Wired U.S. cover, “Facebook’s Two Years of Hell” details an upcoming challenge for U.S. tech giants their Chinese counterparts may avoid.
Hope you’re enjoying the holiday, if you want to talk about business in China in 2018, corporate innovation, events, or hiring, just hit reply. 

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