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Atlas China Top 8 #22 - Mandarin on Mars?

It's a fascinating time to be following the future of international China tech. Focus on fundamentals

Atlas China Top 8

October 23 · Issue #22 · View online
China + global technology, business, and innovation trends, 8 items at a time.

It’s a fascinating time to be following the future of international China tech. Focus on fundamentals, keep a long-term perspective and distinguish signal from noise:
–Hasan Chowdhury writes in The Telegraph that “China’s innovation has occurred so quickly that Silicon Valley is forced to look eastwards for the future of technology.”
–If that’s too upbeat and optimistic for you, read Michael Spencer’s compelling argument that SV is being outmaneuvered and outinnovated while China is “entering a golden age of startups, innovation and AI.”
–AI Superpowers author Kai-Fu Lee explains the forces driving O2O development in China’s “alternate internet universe,” now poised to become supercharged by AI.
–Bloomberg highlights seven ways that China has become “the World’s Retail Laboratory” by using facial recognition, automation, and new marketing channels to drive commerce. As copy-from-China becomes more common, expect plugged-in investors like GGV to continue to thrive.
–China is also beginning to invest in the private space industry with a small but growing market share. A wealthier, more advanced China may do things you wouldn’t expect like launching an artificial moon to replace streetlights in Chengdu.
–Big-picture perspective from WIRED covering China’s space program: “Think the first words spoken on the surface of Mars will be in English?”
–Check out this MERICS research on Chinese concepts for the global order, focused on international relations but also relevant to tech internationalization which will develop along many of the same concepts.
I’m in Shanghai this week, so if you want to talk about the future of China tech and teams, hit reply and let’s connect!

See you in Shanghai this week!
See you in Shanghai this week!
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