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Atlas China Top 8 #22 - Go

Welcome back, and what a difference a few weeks can make. It looks like China tech will continue to i

Atlas China Top 8

September 28 · Issue #21 · View online
China + global technology, business, and innovation trends, 8 items at a time.

Welcome back, and what a difference a few weeks can make. It looks like China tech will continue to inspire international headlines:
–China is building international physical infrastructure for digital connectivity, in an effort WEF describes as building a Digital Silk Road.
–Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt thinks the global internet will split into Western and Chinese gardens, an insight Jeremy Goldkorn memorably described as “predict[ing] the present.”
–The MIT Sloan Management Review explores China’s approach to AI competitiveness and observes the “cultural disposition” to centralization of data. At the intersection of policy, culture, tech and diplomacy, SCMP reports on a prototype AI diplomatic system based in game theory.
–Wired speaks to Kai-Fu Lee and Fei-Fei Li to get their perspectives on the future of AI. Jim McGregor reviews Lee’s new book about AI in SupChina.
–To understand the future of Alibaba, TechInAsia breaks down their investments, and SCMP presents a lineup of the company’s next generation leaders (including their Chinese literary codenames).
–Joel Backaler (check out his new book!) writes for WEF about trends shaping the future of Chinese e-commerce. Here’s Rebecca Fannin’s take on O2O commerce led by Alibaba and followed by Amazon.
–Two can’t-miss pieces with insight into Tencent: ChinaChannel’s Matt Brennan interviews Li Zhaohui on Tencent’s investment strategies. Jeffrey Ding translates (and annotates) Li Guofei’s analysis of their AI strategy.
–Wired reports on AirBnB in China in the context of struggling-foreign-startup; can the right strategy save them? In the meantime, local competitor Xiaozhu is making a play for a potential $200MM investment.
Thanks for reading. Any requests for content and events here, or are you in Beijing to catch up over Golden Week? Hit reply and let’s connect.

Prof. Jeff Towson at #LinkedInLocal Beijing Vol. 2!
Prof. Jeff Towson at #LinkedInLocal Beijing Vol. 2!
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