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Atlas China Top 8 #18 - People, Ideas, Hardware

What a half-year it's been for Chinese tech on the world stage and there's no sign that things will s

Atlas China Top 8

June 11 · Issue #17 · View online
China + global technology, business, and innovation trends, 8 items at a time.

What a half-year it’s been for Chinese tech on the world stage and there’s no sign that things will slow down. Quite the opposite: 
–Chinese business and policy leaders have a unique vision for technology. Take Pony Ma from Tencent who describes digitizing the world by building “three nets” integrating offline-to-online information. 
–We’re also hearing newly optimistic takes on blockchain in Chinese media: approvingly citing projected economic impact ten times bigger than the internet as well as an even stronger seal of approval.
Tech in Asia highlights ex-Ant Financial execs building a “Google for blockchain” to facilitate payments. Duncan Fitzgerald extends this logic to make a case that the RMB will become a cryptocurrency.
–McKinsey has a new report on China’s fast climb up the value chain, from investment to consumption, through digital transformation, and moving toward exportable high-tech innovation. 
–The resources available to develop tech in China are staggering. Check out Sinovation Ventures’ 9-year retrospective as they close their latest $500MM USD fund for VC investment in promising AI applications.  
–China is increasingly competing for (and winning) global talent, especially around the hard sciences, as reported by the Washington Post. Science isn’t a zero-sum game but the center of gravity seems to be shifting. 
–This changing landscape creates complex challenges for American tech companies. Google is developing a “nimble approach” focused on its global business. Facebook is under pressure again for its connection to Huawei.
–However Western companies and governments choose to respond, China’s economic and technological leverage is growing on the strength of a talented, hardworking and increasingly educated workforce.
If you’re in Beijing, I’ll be at the Innoway x Startup Grind Talent Fair tomorrow to lead workshops on hiring and WeChat - hit reply and let’s connect. 

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