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Atlas China Top 8 #16 - Center of the Universe

Congratulations to Beijing, besides having a run of amazing weather, its star continues to rise as a

Atlas China Top 8

May 3 · Issue #16 · View online
China + global technology, business, and innovation trends, 8 items at a time.

Congratulations to Beijing, besides having a run of amazing weather, its star continues to rise as a center of global tech and innovation:
–Beijing is China’s #1 city for startups, according to this breakdown with great stats and graphics from WalkTheChat.
–In a very cool first, the world’s most successful startup accelerator Y Combinator is hosting its first event in Beijing this month. Interesting to imagine their Request for Startups list intersecting with China’s tech scene.
–GMIC in Beijing is one of the best opportunities Western observers have to hear Chinese tech leaders’ views on emerging technologies, as shared by TechNode and in this telling post from Geoffrey Handley.  
–CB Insights has a can’t miss dive into BAT in AI, and BCG interviewed Kai-fu Lee on the future of AI and U.S.-China competition. Companies have the values and goals of their home systems and invent commercial applications that extend from that. 
–Blockchain tech will continue to evolve with Chinese characteristics and based on a consistent technological application of social principles, with a lot of brainpower, energy, research and investment behind it.  
–And in another only-in-China or sci-fi headline, brain-scanning hats are being used to recognize when workers need a break. Whether they’re effective yet or not, know that emotion-recognizing tech is on the rise. 
–However you might feel about that, the application of Chinese AI to cheaper and superior medicines should be a welcome development. 
–Long-term investments in learning and infrastructure continue: China reveals plans to have researchers living on the moon around 2030. 
Might organize a meetup Wednesday, May 16 evening – still working out the details, but if you’d be interested to join, hit reply and let me know! 

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