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Atlas China Top 8 #12 - From Catching Up to Surpassing

Lots of great content this week - I still don't think China tech and its growing impact gets enough a

Atlas China Top 8

March 31 · Issue #12 · View online
China + global technology, business, and innovation trends, 8 items at a time.

Lots of great content this week - I still don’t think China tech and its growing impact gets enough attention, but much better than before. 
–Chinese ambitions to dominate next generation industries and emerging technologies extend to autonomous vehicles, the 5G network and more.
–There’s an emerging line of thought that China will surpass the U.S. in developing and applying AI technologies in the not too distant future. Michael Spencer has an extremely thorough review of the topic. 
CNBC shares one Western executive’s response to these trends: the future of tech development will be co-creation with Chinese partners
–The World Economic Forum’s China office curates seven news highlights from March, including tech, society, science, and consumption patterns. 
 –HSBC’s Week in China reminds us that it’s Alibaba and Tencent’s world, we’re just living in it. What’s next for their expansive visions? 
Shanghai Daily explores how this tech infrastructure empowers Chinese entrepreneurs to develop new ways to serve end consumers. 
–Fans of “The Three-Body Problem” rejoice: Amazon may spend $1 billion to adapt the series for TV. Will be great to see imaginative Chinese sci-fi getting a broader Western audience. 
How is China changing your industry and business? If you have any tips for the next edition, hit reply and let me know. 

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