By Paul Hourlias

Techstars Startup Digest Athens - Issue #3





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👋 Hello hello Athens,
It’s Paul again! Hope you enjoyed the past two weeks and have already set up your Christmas tree (if not, now is the time to do so).
To start the week right, this issue of Techstars Startup Digest Athens is here with some rather interesting events about various topics like UX, Product Management and Development, and Digital Transformation. This time, the featured startup is a fresh Vehicle-as-a-Service startup, with the aim to change the way we commute in Athens, using micro-mobility.
Enjoy your week and see you in the next one,
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🗓️ Upcoming Events
Startups in Greece: The Financing Innovation Landscape by HDBI & Found.ation
UX maturity in organizations
Product Development and Hiring for PMs in a Tech Startup
The Prioritization Challenge by Upstream
Oπe\n 2021 - December Edition
The 2021 Digital Transformation Workshop
🚀 Today's Featured Startup
Today, it’s all about urban micro-mobility. Kineo is a fresh Vehicle-as-a-Service startup aiming to empower people, businesses, and cities to adopt solutions that will enable a more sustainable and productive city life.
Everyone that has lived - or is living in Athens will know for sure that the everyday commute is a longstanding problem as traffic jams and large distances create a “concrete maze” that causes major environmental and economic issues.
Kineo is offering a unique alternative subscription-based service for e-scooters and e-bikes, not only for consumers but also for companies and other startups starting to embrace micro-mobility for their employees. Kineo’s long-term goal is to create a better, more sustainable urban future, starting from the way we move around the city and our daily habits.
Visit Kineo’s website for more information about their services and do have a look at their amazing range of e-scooters and e-bikes.
🗞️ Insights and Resources
🧑‍💻 Marathon Venture Capital published a unique resource for founders, operators, and professionals with an interest in Greek startups. The 2021 Greek Startups Tech Compensation Report offers insights collected from 1915 employee surveys from 27 different companies.
🎧 The Outliers by Endeavor Greece podcats, is back with another very interesting host. In this new episode Dimitris Vassos, Co-Founder & CEO of Omilia is talking about artificial conversation and how they leveraged it to bridge the gap of the Greek market.
🗃️ A new legislation regarding spin-offs has been created and voted by the authorities and with its implementation in the coming months, will further nurture the entrepreneurial environment and bridge the gap between universities, research centers, and the market.
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Have a nice one,
Paul 🤟
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