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Hi there 👋 A couple of weeks back I posted a link to a HN discussion regarding career advancement for
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Hi there 👋
A couple of weeks back I posted a link to a HN discussion regarding career advancement for older programmers which proved very popular with you. With that in mind I want to share this blog post from 2009 with you as well:
This one discusses age discrimination and the decline in the number of software developers as they get older. It also looks at possible alternative career paths. The HN discussion related to this article may also prove interesting to you.
Personally, I want to keep on coding for the rest of my life as it gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction. I am in the tailend of my 40s and I have thankfully never experienced any sort of age discrimination. But then again, I am a freelancer and the blog post above points out that “consultants” do not tend to face this issue as much.
Is getting older an issue for any of you in your programming career? Are you looking at a different career path because of this?
Enjoy the rest of the newsletter and have a great week!
- Jerrie Pelser

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