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Hey everyone đź‘‹ This is the end of JetBrains' 8 week sponsorship of ASP.NET Weekly. I want to ask you
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ASP.NET Weekly
Hey everyone đź‘‹
This is the end of JetBrains’ 8 week sponsorship of ASP.NET Weekly. I want to ask you to please support them by checking out the Word from our sponsor section below.
If you get value from ASP.NET Weekly, please don’t keep it to yourself. Forward this email to your colleagues and developer friends.
- Jerrie Pelser

Featured blog posts
Creating and scheduling a windows service using TopShelf and Quartz in .NET Core
Performance Improvements in .NET Core 3.0
View component or tag helper?
Exploring Blazor by Making An HTML Table Sortable in .NET Core
Verifying Phone Number Ownership with Twilio using ASP.NET Core Identity and Razor Pages
Copy, Paste magic in Visual Studio
A word from our sponsor
This newsletter is sponsored by JetBrains Rider: a new cross-platform .NET IDE inspired by ReSharper and IntelliJ IDEA
Develop .NET, ASP.NET, .NET Core, Xamarin, Unity on Windows, Mac, or Linux. 2000+ code inspections & refactorings; coding assistance in C#, JavaScript, XAML and more languages.
Updates from Microsoft
.NET Framework May 2019 Security and Quality Rollup
.NET Core May 2019 Updates – 1.0.16, 1.1.14, 2.1.11 and 2.2.5
Interesting discussions
I like to browse Hacker News’ Ask HN section because there are always interesting discussions going on and I like to read people’s different views on the topics.
Here are interesting ones I came across in the past week:
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