ASP.NET Weekly - Issue #82

¡Hola! Happy Monday everyone 🙌 I hope you enjoy the blog posts in this week's newsletter. If you get
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ASP.NET Weekly
¡Hola! Happy Monday everyone 🙌
I hope you enjoy the blog posts in this week’s newsletter. If you get value from this newsletter, please share it with your co-workers and friends.
- Jerrie Pelser

Featured blog posts
ASP.NET Core InProcess Hosting on IIS with ASP.NET Core 2.2
ModelState interfering with Model Binding in ASP.NET Core
Transform your ASP.NET Core Website into a Single File Executable Desktop App
Demystifying HttpClient Internals: HttpRequestMessage A look at the internals of HttpRequestMessage
ASP.NET Core - Slack Slash Commands
Async Streams with C# 8
Updates from Microsoft
.NET Framework March 2019 Update
Interesting discussions
Ask HN: What do recruiters look for in a GitHub profile?
Ask HN: Seemingly unable to recover from burnout. Please advise
Ask HN: Makes sense to do Masters in Computer Science after 13 years experience?
More good stuff
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