ASP.NET Weekly - Issue #79

Happy Monday everyone 🚀 There is a lot of great content in this week's newsletter, so please take the
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ASP.NET Weekly
Happy Monday everyone 🚀
There is a lot of great content in this week’s newsletter, so please take the time too have the look through the More good stuff section for more blog posts that may interest you.
I hope everyone has a great week!
- Jerrie Pelser

Featured blog posts
10 Chrome Developer Tool Features You May Have Missed
Building a robust CQRS database with EF Core and Cosmos DB
Is CQRS Complicated?
Handling Errors in ASP .NET Core
An Early Look at gRPC and ASP.NET Core 3.0
C# faux amis 1: discards and underscores
Interesting discussions
Is using the repository pattern best practise?
Ask HN: How to be productive with big existing code base
Ask HN: How to cope with job hunting and depression?
Ask HN: How Would You or Did Convince Your Boss That You Can Work Remote?
More good stuff
Do you need an extra hand on your project for a short period? Perhaps you need someone to implement a small proof-of-concept or a code spike but your development team is tied up? I can help.
For more information have a look on my website, or reach out to me by simply replying to this email.
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