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Hey everyone, As a solo, freelance developer, I often miss not having co-workers to discuss problems
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ASP.NET Weekly
Hey everyone,
As a solo, freelance developer, I often miss not having co-workers to discuss problems with or bounce ideas off of. I know many of you are in similar positions, so for the next month I’ll have “office hours”.
I’ll make a few one-hour slots available every week for me to be your virtual co-worker / pair-programmer / friend to fill this role.
Here are some examples of how we can use this time:
  • Walk through a coding problem you are having
  • Help you understand more about OAuth, OpenID Connect, JWT and all that stuff I worked with for many years at my previous employer
  • Talk about architectural issues you are facing with your app
  • Talk about entrepreneurship and side-projects
  • Talk about remote work / location independence / travel
  • Pretty much anything you think I have the experience to assist you 😏
If you want to book time, please book a slot at the following URL:
This is a free service I am offering to help fellow developers in need. If you know a fellow developer I can be of assistance to, send them over to that link.
- Jerrie Pelser

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More good stuff
Do you need an extra hand on your project for a short period? Perhaps you need someone to implement a small proof-of-concept or a code spike but your development team is tied up? I can help.
For more information have a look on my website, or reach out to me by simply replying to this email.
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