ASP.NET Weekly - Issue #63

Happy Friday everyone 👋 I thought I'll try something new this week: I often come across interesting d
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ASP.NET Weekly
Happy Friday everyone 👋
I thought I’ll try something new this week: I often come across interesting discussions on Reddit and Hacker News which I think may be valuable to other developers. This week, I have listed some of these discussions in the newsletter.
Let me know if you like it and whether you find the insight from them valuable.
Hope you enjoy this week’s edition!
- Jerrie Pelser

Featured blog posts
Our favourite .NET, Azure and C# podcasts
What to focus on when learning ASP.NET Core?
Optimally Configuring ASP.NET Core HttpClientFactory
Learning by doing - Implementing Redis distributed cache health check for ASP.NET Core
The art of designing exceptions
Testing with EF Core
Updates from Microsoft
ASP.NET SignalR 2.4.0 Preview 2
.NET Framework October 2018 Preview of Quality Rollup
Interesting discussions
Curiousity Question: C# vs Other languages
What is the best practice abstraction patterns for the data layer?
Why is Dapper so popular?
Ask HN: How do I stop being resentful towards other devs | Hacker News
More good stuff
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