ASP.NET Weekly - Issue #33

Hey there everyone, It has been another week of great content. Thanks to all the bloggers out there w
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ASP.NET Weekly
Hey there everyone,
It has been another week of great content. Thanks to all the bloggers out there who keep generating such great content for me to share!
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If you like to listen to podcasts, then have a look at this list of the Top 7 Podcasts for the modern software developer.
Also, I know from talking to subscribers via email that many of you are juggling side projects along with your day job. If so, then you may find this article by Ivan Mir interesting on how he got to 200 productive hours a month.
Please note, I am not suggesting you work 200 hours a month. If anything, I think most of us should work less! With that in mind, there are a lot of tips in this article to help you get more done in less time.
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- Jerrie Pelser

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Updates from Microsoft
Interesting Videos
Lately, I have been using Firefox almost exclusively. If you are also using Firefox, then this playlist on using the Firefox Developer tools may come in handy.
Firefox Developer Tools - YouTube
GitHub - WebApiContrib/WebAPIContrib.Core
GitHub - omerfarukz/autocomplete
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