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Hi all, I am taking a few weeks off, so this will be the final edition for the year. I found myself
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ASP.NET Weekly
Hi all,
I am taking a few weeks off, so this will be the final edition for the year. I found myself a quiet cottage on a beach and will be spending the next week or so relaxing and disconnecting from the internet completely.
I plan to start with ASP.NET Weekly again on 5 January but that may change depending on how much I enjoy the time away 🏖😎🌴 🍺
Thanks for everyone’s support and feedback on ASP.NET Weekly since I restarted it. And special thanks to all the bloggers who keep creating great content for me to share.
- Jerrie Pelser

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During the Connect(); conference, Microsoft used the SmartHotel360 application to demonstrate many features of their platform during the Keynote presentations.
This source code is now available on GitHub for you to play around with. Below you can find links to the main GitHub repository, as well as a blog post providing you with an overview of the application.
GitHub - Microsoft/SmartHotel360: SmartHotel360 - Connect(); 2017 keynote demo apps
Connect(); 2017: SmartHotel360 Demo Apps and Architecture | The Visual Studio Blog
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