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Hi all, A few weeks ago I (quietly) released a short eBook that walks you through building an interac
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ASP.NET Weekly
Hi all,
A few weeks ago I (quietly) released a short eBook that walks you through building an interactive mapping application with ASP.NET Core, JavaScript, and Mapbox.
It teaches you about Razor Pages, making AJAX requests, working with CSV files, GeoIP, working with 3rd Party APIs, the Tailwind CSS library and much more.
My goal was to write something a bit different from the normal CRUD tutorials you see. Something that teaches a whole different set of skills.
If this sounds interesting please check it out. It is completely FREE and there are no strings attached.
The reason I have kept quiet about it is that I have not had a chance to do a final end-to-end proofread, so there are bound to be a few mistakes. But I don’t want to sit on this any longer, so if you find mistakes please let me know by opening an issue in the GH repo for the book (link inside the book).
With that, on to this week’s edition. Hope you enjoy the blog posts.
- Jerrie Pelser

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Interesting Videos
This week I bring you two videos of the prolific Brad Traversy from his Traversy Media YouTube channel. He puts out a lot of good content, so it is a great channel to subscribe to.
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