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Hey everyone, Don't know if you have noticed, but there's a new (old) web browser in town. Firefox ha
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ASP.NET Weekly
Hey everyone,
Don’t know if you have noticed, but there’s a new (old) web browser in town. Firefox has made massive leaps forward with their new Quantum browser in both the speed and memory departments.
I have been using it for a few weeks, and like it. If you’re keen on trying something new, go download it.
Another cool thing I saw yesterday was that Microsoft is working on adding real-time collaboration to Visual Studio.
Hope you enjoy this week’s edition. Remember to share it with your friends!
- Jerrie Pelser

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Interesting Videos
The videos this week come from the Connect() conference which is currently happening in New York. Neither are very technical, but they are a good reminder of all that Microsoft is offering us developers in the Cloud.
Keynote - Journey to the intelligent cloud | Connect(); 2017 | Channel 9
Keynote - Building the intelligent apps of the future | Connect(); 2017 | Channel 9
In today’s code section I want to offer you two alternatives to the excellent Automapper library. It’s always good  to consider alternatives 😉
GitHub - TinyMapper/TinyMapper: A quick object-object mapper for .NET
GitHub - agileobjects/AgileMapper: A zero-configuration, highly-configurable object-object mapper
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