ASP.NET Weekly - Issue #16

Hey everyone, Last week's web design resources in the Code section seemed to have resonated with many
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ASP.NET Weekly
Hey everyone,
Last week’s web design resources in the Code section seemed to have resonated with many of you, so this week I included more goodies for you!
Also, Microsoft has released a new landing page for .NET which makes it easy to find information on all the platforms supported. Check it out!
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- Jerrie Pelser

Featured Blog Posts
Corestart 2.0: What's new for performance in .NET Core 2.0
Going serverless with .NET Core, AWS Lambda and the Serverless framework
Getting the HTML for a ViewResult in ASP.NET Core
Authorize Tag Helper for ASP.NET Core
Deeper Dive Into EF Core 2 - Part 1
Interesting Videos
Blog posts from Stackify are regularly included in this newsletter. Do you know they have a free tool called Prefix which allows you to profile your web applications, providing a detailed view of web requests?
This video provides you with a nice overview of how you can use it.
Matt Watson - Prefix and Retrace - YouTube
Azure and Amazon Web Services aren’t the only cloud hosting options for .NET developers. Have a look at what the Google Cloud has to offer.
Take your ASP.NET apps to the next level with Google Cloud Platform - Mete Atamel - YouTube
This week’s Code section has a couple more resources which will help you design the front-end of your next web application.
Design Blocks | Froala
CoreUI · Open Source Boostrap Admin Template
Other interesting blog posts
  • .NET Core DevOps with Docker, Travis CI and Rancher – part 2
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