ASP.NET Weekly - Issue #1

Wow, it has been a while! After a long time off from all forms of news - and seeing that no-one else
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ASP.NET Weekly
Wow, it has been a while!
After a long time off from all forms of news - and seeing that no-one else decided to fill the gap left by ASP.NET Weekly - I decided to dip my toes in the water again and do a reboot of the newsletter.
So welcome to this very first edition of the new generation of ASP.NET Weekly. I promise it will be the same good content as before.
You are getting this newsletter because I took the liberty of resubscribing everyone who was subscribed when I ended ASP.NET Weekly last year. If you are not cool with that then firstly please accept my sincere apologies 🙇 and secondly you can find the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email 😭 
I really hope that you decide to stick around though!
- Jerrie Pelser

Blog Posts
.NET Application Architecture Guidance
Referencing Common Values Between Apps/Projects
Customising ASP.NET Core Identity EF Core naming conventions for PostgreSQL
ASP.NET Core Razor Pages – Introduction
ASP.NET Core MVC - Common Components/(Partial)Views across applications
Soft Skills
Fire And Motion – Joel on Software
The Code section highlights open source projects I find interesting and which I think you may find useful in learning from, contributing to or making use of in your own applications.
I also do it in recognition of the sacrifice the people behind these projects are making in maintaining these.
Thats all folks!
That’s all for this (new) first edition. If you know of nice open source projects and libraries to feature in the Code section, please reply to this email and let me know about them.
I post many more links which are not featured in the newsletter on Twitter, so please follow @aspnetweekly for lots more goodies.
Until next time. Have a great week!
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