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Resetting on Fridays

Resetting on Fridays
By Ali Spittel • Issue #2 • View online
Happy Friday!
If you’re anything like me, Friday afternoons are not my most productive time of the week. I’m getting ready for the weekend and have already used a lot of my brain power during the early parts of the week. I use my Friday afternoons to administratively reset so that I’ve cleaned up loose ends from the week and set myself up for success the following week.
I’m a firm believer in checklists - I build checklist routines for my morning start of work routine, my evening at home routine, and for this routine as well. I don’t want my limited mental capacity to be spent remembering what I need to do, and I don’t want to forget anything either. Here’s what’s on my Friday work reset checklist:
  • Clear Desktop/Downloads Folder be honest, how overflowing are these folders on your computer? I like to keep my folders easy to sift through, and I use a fancy desktop background so I like to keep that clean.
  • Empty email inbox I let this pile up too much during the week. This is the email system I use in Gmail.
  • Sort through papers I sort through any mail or other paperwork that’s been piling up through out the week.
  • I clear out the notes app and Google Keep I use these apps throughout the week to jot down random thoughts and to dos. I empty these out and put the information in the correct place.
  • I review my calendar two weeks out I look through my calendar for the upcoming weeks, resolve overlapping meetings, and block time to work.
  • I clean up Obsidian I use Obsidian for notes on books, tweets, articles I read, etc. I use automations to sync highlights and bookmarked tweets to it. I clean these up on Friday and put them in the folders they’re supposed to go in.
  • Clean my office so that it’s nice for Monday morning.
  • File expenses these tend to pile up, and if I block time to do this each week it takes a very few minutes instead of hours.
  • Build my to do list for the next week I prioritize what will be most important to do next week and put those items into Trello and Asana.
Doing all these things routinely helps to lessen the overwhelm and allows me to do a lot of the “brainless” things that need to get done all at once.
Chat next week!

What my Desktop looks like.
What my Desktop looks like.
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