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Weekly newsletter of Ashleystrong63 - Issue #7

Weekly newsletter of Ashleystrong63
Weekly newsletter of Ashleystrong63
Calling the country of Taiwan, John Cena, the movie star of Fast and Furious 9, was protested by the Chinese people

Apes befell John Cena, one of the actors who strengthen Fast and Furious 9. In a film promotion interview session with the Taiwanese news channel TVBS this month, he sprained his tongue by calling Taiwan a country.
Variety reported that John Cena, who has studied Mandarin for more than a decade, called Taiwan the first country to watch the Fast and Furious franchise. Of course, this sparked negative sentiment from the Chinese people.
Tuesday (25/5/2021), John Cena hastily admitted his mistake and apologized via written message or video to TVBS on his official Weibo account. In his apology, John Cena admits that he loves Chinese society.
I Respect China
“I have to say now, for F9, I’ve done a lot of interviews, a lot. So in one interview, I had one mistake, “tells John Cena.
“What I have to say right now is very, very, very important: I love and respect China and the Chinese people. For my mistake, I’m really sorry, "he added.
Important Chinese War
It was natural for John Cena to apologize in such a hurry. CNN reported, China had an important role in ushering Fast and Furious 9 to make history in the box office charts.
In China alone, F9 grossed nearly US $ 136 million or around IDR 1.94 trillion. The Chinese public has made it easier for F9 to get to the world’s best-selling film in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Please tell
Still according to CNN, John Cena also has many fans in China, including more than 600 thousand followers on Weibo. More than 7,000 netizens responded to the video of his apology.
Unfortunately, a number of critics are still confused with this statement by the actor who was born in Massachusetts, USA, April 23, 1977. "Please say: Taiwan is part of China. In Chinese. Otherwise we won’t accept your apology, ”tweeted one critic.
John China
Browsing John Cena’s verified Instagram account, many netizens left jokes in the comments column because the Taiwanese tongue sprain incident was a country. John Cena’s latest upload features a screenshot of F9 as the world’s highest grossing film.
Toyota Supra in Fast & Furious Movie will be auctioned
 Fast and Furious films use famous cars in every speeding scene. One of them that is remembered by fans is the Toyota Supra alert 1994.
Interestingly, this classic car will be auctioned through Barret-Jackson this summer. The auction house is also ready to send the Toyota Supra to the new owner at no cost.
Launching Cnet, the Toyota Supra has apparently been used by the late Paul Walker to act in the Fast & Furious film. Obviously, this car is very tempting for fans.
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Weekly newsletter of Ashleystrong63
Weekly newsletter of Ashleystrong63

Weekly newsletter of Ashleystrong63

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