Why I stopped being so busy



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Why I stopped being so busy
By Ash Lamb • Issue #59 • View online

A few weeks ago I decided to take a break from social media. I felt like I needed some time to zoom out and make a decision.
Sometimes, when we’re so focused on getting things done, we forget why we started in the first place, and if we don’t get out of our own bubble, years can pass by without us even noticing.
My next goal is to build a web app with all my best visual ideas organized and refined. I’ll be creating a whole illustrated “book” for every topic I personally find interesting. I want to build a platform where people go to get inspired and hopefully learn something new. I’m also interested in creating visual summaries of my favourite books.
This video made me realize how important it is to not get caught up in your daily routine if you want to move forward in life. At one point I was just creating visuals for the sake of creating visuals, but now that I’ve defined a clear goal I feel much more driven to keep putting in the work.
I’m also learning to open my mind to new possibilities and ideas. Just because I like creating visuals doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be exploring new opportunities. Don’t limit yourself to one skill, one project, one idea…
This month I’ve seen an incredibly successful illustrator delete all his work from his account to start all over again with a new style. How refreshing! Even though I was a big fan of his previous work I must admit that it’s inspiring to see successful people start all over again with something new. It doesn’t matter how good you’ve become at something if you aren’t being stimulated like before.
Appreciate you! I hope you’re having a delightful summer!
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